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Our Curriculum

Is based on a combination of Playway Methodology. The curriculum at Delhi Public Kids School allows a child to explore, experiment and experience. Teaching is activity oriented where a child is enabled to discover, discern and digest. The child is taught necessary manners and social skills as they learn to respect elders and socialise with their peers in a spirit of camaraderie

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Our Facilities

  • Experience comfort learning like never before in our air-conditioned classrooms, where students can focus without distraction in a pleasant environment.
  • Beat the heat while expanding young minds, ensuring optimal conditions for concentration and engagement. Our commitment to providing top-notch facilities extends to every corner of the classroom, ensuring a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth. Step into our cool and inviting classrooms, where every lesson is a breeze.
  • Montessori equipments and sand pit for active play and learning
  • Professional trainers for imparting dance and music classes
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Day Care

Delhi Public Kids School Day Care is an added facility in our school which reaches out to parents who are busy with their professional lives while at the same time worried about the safety and well being of their children. Our day care facility offers flexi timings to ensure that we meet the needs of all parents

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Post School Activities

Our facility is used in the evening to provide extra-curricular activities at a separate cost. Today, many parents want to encourage the latent talents their children possess in dance and music. As such we have a team of professional trainers to teach dance, vocals and instruments to children of all ages. Once we find qualified professionals we will also start yoga and zumba classes for those parents who are conscious of health and well being.

Day Care and After School Care (Up to 8 years age)

We are also currently accepting admissions for kids in need of day care and after school care facilities.

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Full day care

(9 AM to 6 PM)

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Half day care

(9 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 6 PM)

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After school care

(3 PM to 6 PM)

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Emergency day care

School Tie Ups

We've fostered strategic partnerships with renowned institutions following CBSE, ICSE, and CIE curricula to address your child's admission needs after preschool. Our goal is to alleviate parental concerns regarding their child's future education.
Connect with us to explore the range of solutions we offer for your child's educational journey.

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