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Welcome to Delhi Public Kids School - TURKAYAMJAL

Perfect Education For your Child

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CCTV Camera Enabled Premises

Security cameras largely help school authorities to track each and every event that unfolds in the classroom.

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Engaging Technology Integration

Our school embraces innovative technology to enhance learning experiences, with interactive whiteboards, educational software, and digital resources integrated into the curriculum.

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World Class Adult to Child Ratio

1:5 for 9 - 18 Months

1:8 for 19 - 30 Months

1:10 for 31 - 42 Months

1:10 for 43+ Months

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Tons of Activities for all ages

Sandpit, Story Telling, Dance & Music, Drawing & Coloring, Swings & Slides, TaeKwondo, Yoga, Cutting-Pasting, Numbers Jumping, Fruits, Vegetables etc

Welcome to Delhi Public Kids School

daycare, preschool and kindergarten

Why a pre-school instead of a regular school?

Delhi Public Kids School stands as a testament to the importance of choosing a pre-school over a regular school for early childhood education.

By focusing on holistic development, play-based learning, individualized attention, socialization, and emotional well-being, the school provides a solid foundation for a child's academic journey. Choosing Delhi Public Kids School is not just a choice for early education; it's an investment in unlocking the full potential of your child's future.